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Anna was very professional in her approach and incredibly _prompt_ in her responses. Her work always seemed very thorough, which resulted in our permit approval process to breeze past far more quickly than we had anticipated. She was very quick at following and understanding our expectations from the redesign, during our initial conversation and the many follow ups we had over the phone. To our surprise, we were able to get all of the decisions down over phone calls during lockdown restrictions, with only the information gathered in her one elaborate visit to our house. A remarkable thing we noticed in our experience was, though she is well-versed with the city code, she would still cover all bases to see if her knowledge and assumptions reflect the current guidance from the city, and would also share citations from it to help understand our limitations. In our experience, one thing we would have liked more of is, her input in our redesign goal and her thoughts and ideas on any creative ways to reach those goals. Working with Anna was really hassle-less, and far more smooth than we had heard from others experiences. We are glad to recommend Anna to anyone looking for an architect for big or small projects.

Customers Testimonials

What can be more telling than a "real person" experience? Anyone can promise a lot but how much of that is true? Is the firm reliable? Can the firm keep the promised timeline? Are they responsive? Will they understand my needs? Are they easy to communicate with? Will they impose their vision against my will? Are they good listeners? The list of questions and worries is indefinite.


The only way to ease the anxiousness connected with hiring a design professional is to hear someone's else opinion, see what was their experience and try to make an informed estimate if your project is most likely to succeed of not. 

There are many factors in the equation: the ability to deal the cities with their countless plan check comments, professional knowledge, personal interactions. All that factors into the success or the lack of.



Our first architect didn't know how to do light industrial. I got in touch with Anna Purvis on Christmas Eve. She got right back to me! Once she had the job she kept going, she's the most responsive, detail oriented Architect I've ever worked with. She came out, met with all the people working on the job, resubmitted with all comments answered, and I got the permit with her first review! I'll be using her on all my future projects. She works on everything from multi-million dollar commercial projects and still takes residential projects.

Anna is an absolute professional. We interviewed 8 architects for a residential development project that we have and chose her because of her experience, portfolio and her responsiveness and communication was second to none. She was engaged from start to finish and helped us get through the permit process with a very difficult city. She always responds promptly and is a pleasure to work with her. We have chosen Anna to help us with other projects since our first development.



We contacted Anna when we were considering building an ADU on our private property. Since we were dealing with a construction project for the first time, we appreciated Anna's help tremendously. She was super nice and professional, and the most responsive and helpful person that we spoke with during the pre-design phase. Her knowledge and experience in the field was very obvious from our first call, and she helped us to brainstorm and better understand our options and the feasibility of our ideas before we even hired her. Although it's our first time doing a project like this, we already figured out that finding someone as reliable as Anna in this field is difficult, if not impossible to do.

Anna is an amazing architect to work with. We hired Anna after our previous architect disappeared after doing half the job. We had a very difficult project as our home in Gilroy was considered historical a lot of loops to go through. After contact Anna we were able to meet and show her what we had and what we needed. Within less then a month she was able to submit them to they city and we got our permit. She walks you through everything constantly keeping in contact with you and the city until the permit is in our hands. What took the previous architect over a year Anna was able to do 100x quicker and more professional. The city was even very please with what we submitted with our previous architect to what we submitted with Anna. Hands down she is an amazing person and awesome architect and we would HIGHLY recommend to anyone looking for an architect!

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