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We have worked with Anna for a few months now and we couldn't be happier. Her attention to detail, honest, hard-working style really captured all elements of the design we were looking for. She delivered on-time, within budget, and was very responsive during the entire process. I would highly recommend her services, and plan to use her again for a future project.

Customers Testimonials

What can be more telling than a "real person" experience? Anyone can promise a lot but how much of that is true? Is the firm reliable? Can the firm keep the promised timeline? Are they responsive? Will they understand my needs? Are they easy to communicate with? Will they impose their vision against my will? Are they good listeners? The list of questions and worries is indefinite.


The only way to ease the anxiousness connected with hiring a design professional is to hear someone's else opinion, see what was their experience and try to make an informed estimate if your project is most likely to succeed of not. 

There are many factors in the equation: the ability to deal the cities with their countless plan check comments, professional knowledge, personal interactions. All that factors into the success or the lack of.


I was looking for an architect and to help me with my ADU garage conversion.  I called 4 architects only one answered the phone and that was Anna Purvis. She gave me a rough idea of the process of going about getting a permit and what her scope of work would be and how it would be a great idea to have an architect to help me in the process. She also gave me her price for her work. So I actually did not call her back until a few months after the first phone call but when I did call her back she actually remembered me and we talked a bit more and I hired her. It was best decision I made in this entire process. The first meeting we had she was on time, unlike any of the contactors we had visit us. she took a look at the garage and assured she was going to take great care of us through this process and she has done an outstanding job. She said she would do some drawings over the weekend and send them to us by Monday, well she had them done on Friday. She is extremely prompt, knowledgeable and polite. She answered all of my questions no matter how many or dumb the questions were. She is very detailed and knows exactly how to navigate the permit process. She didn't want me to do work that was unnecessary to keep the project cost effective. She will even let you know if she thinks a bid is too high. I highly recommend having Anna Purvis on your side when dealing with this process. She has been worth every penny, you will not be disappointed.


I am the owner of a 4,000 square foot custom home.  I bought a 30,000 sf foot wooded lot in west side of Gilroy 20 years ago and built a house for the 10 members of my family.  Now we are an empty nester and we feel the need to remodel the home for our changing needs.   Our home is unique and I needed an architect who can transform the house as we look to make changes to our lives.  

Right from the beginning, Anna impressed me with how responsive she was.  That trait was consistent through out the project.  She get back to me usually within a couple hours.  

Next thing I noticed was her level of professionalism.  She listened well to my requests.  In fact, the first draft of the remodeling plan met 100% of my asks.  I have done many design and engineering projects of consumer products over the years, I've never had anyone who can nail all of a customer's verbal requests in a single pass.

Value?  I would say Anna's price is absolutely fair.  I actually had another architect a few months back did the same thing for much less, and the work was basically garbage.  Ironically that guy had the best rating on Thumbtack for my area code (95020) .  Not sure how he got to the top of the list.  In any case, I think Anna should be the one of the top of that list and not that guy.  

Quality?  Because she nailed all my requirements in the first pass, there was just a little back and forth and the design work was done.   She has a good sense for design and a good understanding of the technical aspects of construction.  In other words, she has a good eye for aesthetic and a great sense for what can be built.  That is an great quality in an architect.

In summary, the work is top notch, at a reasonable price, with no frustration whatsoever.  I am happy to be a reference any time.   Kwai


I had an excellent experience working with Anna Purvis Architecture. Anna worked quickly to get our project back on track when we needed architectural and structural engineering drawings for a new permit. She was very responsive, detail-oriented, and patient as she guided us through the entire process. The turn-around time to produce the plans was fast and her pricing is very fair. I will not hesitate to work with Anna again for future projects and will happily recommend her services to others.

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