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New House Construction + ADU + JADU, San Martin

Ground-up construction of an approximately 6,000 SF single family house, a 800 SF ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit), 500 SF JADU and a three car garage. 
The property located within Santa Clara County jurisdiction offers lots of privacy and the views of the surrounding hills. Being located at the bottom of the valley comes with the flood risk which had to be mitigated by the design. The house is mainly one floor with ample living/cooking area, outdoor dining and a multiple bedrooms. The second floor consists of two isolated offices providing the best views towards the hills. 
A separate ADU will provide and additional rental income or separate quarters for the family. The existing garage belonging to the ADU is being converted into a JADU (Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit) maximizing the potential of the property. 
The water is coming from a well and the property will receive a new septic system, both items being challenging during the permitting process with the Health Department. 
The unincorporated properties in San Martin and Morgan Hill come with difficulties but therefore offer large lots, privacy, views and potential for further development.

large single family house elevation
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