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Large scale metal panel cladded fin wall directs the visitor into the core of the campus. Wood looking cladding adds warmth and elegant perception to the front entry. 

Generously designed open office spaces offer everything that is required in a modern, fast paced workplace. Light flooded common benching areas provide eye contact with the colleagues and supervisors making the work processes shorter and easier, multiple collaboration areas give occasions to spontaneously trigger an informal meeting or a brainstorming with the team, if more privacy is required, several conference rooms in various sizes are readily available. 

Open to structure high ceilings of the break room allow for the non-confined feeling, acoustic light fixtures deliver not only visual interest but also more privacy, vibrant colors of the materials used bring life to the space, paired with the wood cladding offer a classy look. Large size of the breakroom provides an option for company wide gatherings and all hands meeting or just simple celebrations binding the teams together.

exterior entry commercial design
open layout break room design
commercial lobby design
open office design
breakroom island and booth design
building connector design


Strategically situated off the highway 101 campus consisting of two building (300,000 SF) offered high visibility, city center proximity yet tranquil surroundings and the calming views of the South San Jose golden hills. The architectural study reveals different design options to increase the building presence, tenant interest, and leasing capabilities. 

main entry feature study
existing commercial buildings prior to the redesign
main entry feature study
main entry feature study
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